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volant intake fro 6.0

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have yall seen the new volant intake for the 6.0? saw one today and was very inmpressed plus the guy told me there are made bade by afe and alot cheaper. anyone on here tried one?
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I Bought a volant it never ran with it on. It sucked the fit is horrible my maf wouldnt even screw in tight to form a seal due to the holes for the screws not being flush. The lid would not seal due to holes not being equal in all 4 corners only 3 would screw down, The side scoop and the battery were fighting for the same space. Don't get me wrong I loved the volant for my f-body, but for my 05 F350 nevermind.
If u still want to try it I sell u mine cheap just part of the side scoop bottom cut so it would fit. Send me a PM.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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