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volant intake fro 6.0

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have yall seen the new volant intake for the 6.0? saw one today and was very inmpressed plus the guy told me there are made bade by afe and alot cheaper. anyone on here tried one?
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I had a Volant on my 05. I took it off because I didn't feel comfortable being able to see through the filter. The newer ones may have a ProGaurd 7, but mine surely didn't. For the temp sensor, I simply put a rubber grommet around it, then taped the grommet with foam tape so that it would create a good seal. Then I just pressed it into the MAF hole, and it worked well. For added protection, I duct taped around it, but I still didn't like the filter. If you have an 05, and still want the intake, do what I did with the grommet and all. It definately did make things louder...
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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