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"wait to start"

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O.K. guys,
I'm slowly working out the bugs in this "new to me" truck and have another question.....when I got the truck....the "wait to start" light would come on for about 4 er 5 seconds and go that time, I would hit the key and the truck would start fine.....last week, it started rolling over more before it would start so I asked about injectors and glow plugs here.....yesterday, the "wait to start" light flashes on when you turn the key...stays on about 1 second....and goes out and the chimes beep faster like its ready to start.....I hit the starter and it rolls over about 10 seconds or so before it starts....and it started like it was on cold diesel....I dont think the glow plugs are heating......also, when the light goes out, there is a loud clicking noies under the hood that is repititous and the amp meter jumps up and down along with this clicking. Almost like something is kicking in and out! Any ideas here? Thanks for all the great info. here and the quick response to my thing at a time and we'll get this blue oval back to where she should be!
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Check out Ziggsters web page re GP problems.

My advice......

This is what I recommend as a proceedure for GP R&R....remove air cleaner if IDI.
To remove/replace gp's get a 3/8" 6point deep socket and suitable ratchet, 8" piece of gasline hose that will fit on top of gp. Remove gp electrical caps blow or brush clean each area around gp's, lossen gp with socket until it turns freely remove socket and push hose on top, turn out gp. For the one under the injector lines on drivers side you can use a universal joint (hard) or a 3/8 box end wrench then the hose as usual (do not force or bend lines) Test GP's and check tips.
If you have it put (small amount) anti sieze on threads of new gp, you can use hose to start plugs then finish with ratchet to 12 ft/lbs or 1/12th of a turn after bottoming( this is not much torque at all)
If I were you, I would remove all gp's to see what kind they are, if they are not "BERU/Motorcraft" pitch them and buy all 8 new, if they are Beru and test good re install. If some are bad get 8 new and save old ones that are good for backups.
NOTE***If any GP's are hard to remove from hole "STOP" call for assistance and wait for instructions.
PS A big old blanket over the rad helps in laying on the engine.
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