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Want Safe Power Upgrades

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Hey Y'll
I just got my first oil-burner 2 weeks ago. I got myself i nice 96 powerstroke. Its got 182k on it. It also got the heavy duty tranny upgrade with a billet torque converter.

It's a great truck, but i want more power. What are some reasonably cheap mods that aren't gonna jepordize my engine life. I'm in college so $ isn't in large supply. I already have a brand new K&N Air Filter setup so i'm happy there. I really don't want to chip it because of EGT stuff and my lakc of guages.

Tell me what direction to go. I don't want extreme power. I just want some extra ponies to show the little rice burners in town what power is. remember i don't want to be throwin down money for a new motor or anything.
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Hey welcome to the world of diesels!! The good news is that you may never drive a gasser ever again. Diesel is the way to go.

The bad news is that you have to be concious of two key aspects of modding your truck:
1. You may never be totally satisfied with how much power your truck has, leading you to more mods.
2. No matter what you do, there is cause and effect. So, if you increase output in one area, it effects the stress or demands on many other systems.
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