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Want Safe Power Upgrades

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Hey Y'll
I just got my first oil-burner 2 weeks ago. I got myself i nice 96 powerstroke. Its got 182k on it. It also got the heavy duty tranny upgrade with a billet torque converter.

It's a great truck, but i want more power. What are some reasonably cheap mods that aren't gonna jepordize my engine life. I'm in college so $ isn't in large supply. I already have a brand new K&N Air Filter setup so i'm happy there. I really don't want to chip it because of EGT stuff and my lakc of guages.

Tell me what direction to go. I don't want extreme power. I just want some extra ponies to show the little rice burners in town what power is. remember i don't want to be throwin down money for a new motor or anything.
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Welcome to the board
Start with a new down pipe the stock one is JUNK!.
Get a telmar filter set up or make one up your self
Check your cat converter it might need a good cleaning J
Gauges are a must.
Once the intake and exhaust are opened up a good chip with wake her up.
And find some stage one injectors, or a set of AD’s

Have fun
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