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Wanting to do a few hauls....need some answers

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This is for you guys who do this alot, hopefully you can help. I want to use my truck and horse trailer on my days off to make some extra money.
I only want to haul in my state (Virginia) and maybe some adjoining states. I only have a two horse gooseneck so weren't not talking a lot of wieght, but what kind of insurance do I need and what companies do you guys use for that?

And what DOT or other fed. authorities do I need to have and how do you do that?

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okay so here's where I'm at now. VA no CDL req. under 26000lbs. SO I'm okay there. I'm looking into a rider policy for my trailer with commerical coverage ( agent says is possible and not too expensive). I am looking into getting DOT #'s after the insurance is squared away. If I have to pay a one time fee to get set up that is fine, but I'm not leasing my truck to anyone. I need it for too may personal trips and this is going to be a 1 or 2 time a month thing mostly in Virginia, nothing long hauls. And everything will originate from our farm or be coming to our farm.
I may be covered by my farm policy for this reason. Already have an LLC so it could be rider on that. We already get board $ for all these horses so we carry a lot of liability for that and the barns. Kinda a side business from the farm and associated with it.
This is not going to be a seperate business outside of the farm. But a portion of the farm operation. Anymore opinion??
You guys are great. Where would I be without TDS!!???
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This is what I was thinking. I'm a state trooper in virginia and work with the motor carrier guys everyday so thats covered. I just know that you guys who travel out of state would know better than me about the regional stuff. You guys are seriously a lifesaver. I know where I would be without you guys and I learn so much everytime I ask a question.
I don't deal with trucks a lot at work, passenger cars mostly so I figured you guys could help me out and I was right!!!! As far as any info I can offer to you all please ask...but remember free legal advice is just that FREE legal advice.
Thanks again to all.
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