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Wanting to do a few hauls....need some answers

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This is for you guys who do this alot, hopefully you can help. I want to use my truck and horse trailer on my days off to make some extra money.
I only want to haul in my state (Virginia) and maybe some adjoining states. I only have a two horse gooseneck so weren't not talking a lot of wieght, but what kind of insurance do I need and what companies do you guys use for that?

And what DOT or other fed. authorities do I need to have and how do you do that?

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I dont think you would need any type of insurance for something that small of a hauling operation.

Now if you want to be safe you could get some kind of liabilty insurance that if you kill the persons horses that the owners don't come after you with pitchforks.

Oh yeah get a cb they are nice.I have a galaxy.They are better than cobra.

They come in handy for speed traps,black and whites,and other stuff you see on the road.I like to advise a cb to anyone who wants to consider hauling consistently on a daily or a weekend basis. like you.
God where you from,new york city?

Yankees must of been pulling on your ears a long time.

I laughed at everything you typed.

Hes trying to make a few bucks,rather spend a few grand.

People haul all the time and if you asked them about insurance they wouldn't know what it is,probaly wouldn't know how to spell it.

Anyways hes not commercial.Regardless if hes hired or not.Im hired,Im not insured and ive been pulled over before with my hauling stickers.They don't question me about the load.I could imagine his weight is under 14k

Truck weighing about 8k max and the barn with 2 horses weighing about 4k.Unless their those clumbsy plow horses they weigh a ton.haha.

Whats this world coming to? Pretty soon we are going to need a cdl in a car if they say your wife is too big.

They would probaly tell you that your cars leaning to one side and thats unsafe.
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Don't mean to break the subject and get into politics but it's gwb's crazy brain.

God fuel is high.

The cost of living is even higher.

You can hardly even buy something nowadays without a credit card.

They want to make your life more difficult financially so the guys who run the show can go home and enjoy a glass of wine and wake up in the morning to go drive around the golf course with a straw hat and big cigar in his mouth.

They want you to die so they don't have to put up with you anymore.

Its all about greed and if you get in the way they will throw arse in jail.
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1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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