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Wanting to do a few hauls....need some answers

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This is for you guys who do this alot, hopefully you can help. I want to use my truck and horse trailer on my days off to make some extra money.
I only want to haul in my state (Virginia) and maybe some adjoining states. I only have a two horse gooseneck so weren't not talking a lot of wieght, but what kind of insurance do I need and what companies do you guys use for that?

And what DOT or other fed. authorities do I need to have and how do you do that?

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To the original poster, basically it is up to you. I have hauled horses about three or four times for money. Actually, I wasn't "advertising" my services. Basically each time was because someone I knew was in a pinch and needed some help. I never really made any real money; basically just covered my fuel, food and maybe a little extra for wear and tear.

IMHO, I would prefer to never use a horse transport service to move my horses. NO ONE WILL TAKE CARE OF THEM the way that I want them to taken care of. However, if I were going to have to use a transport service, I would probably be looking at one of the commercial haulers and do some reference checks. I'm sure you're a good person and all, but since I don't know you, I doubt if I'd let you haul my horses.

Good luck with making extra cash. God knows we could all use a little extra...
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