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Wanting to do a few hauls....need some answers

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This is for you guys who do this alot, hopefully you can help. I want to use my truck and horse trailer on my days off to make some extra money.
I only want to haul in my state (Virginia) and maybe some adjoining states. I only have a two horse gooseneck so weren't not talking a lot of wieght, but what kind of insurance do I need and what companies do you guys use for that?

And what DOT or other fed. authorities do I need to have and how do you do that?

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Kinda a side business from the farm and associated with it.
This is not going to be a seperate business outside of the farm. But a portion of the farm operation. Anymore opinion??
You guys are great. Where would I be without TDS!!???

[/ QUOTE ] I think this is a totaly different situation. If your insurance will cover you and the horses, while your transporting horses that you are going to board,,or have been boarding. It will not really be a "Trucking" MAY not even need authority,,,do some very thorough research for VA. and see what you have to have..(Your DOT/ICC numbers are not expensive though..the cost of getting your own authority is minimal really,,, just a TON OF PAPERWORK!! Of course,,,it is dealing with the Federal Govt... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/rolleyes.gif)
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There are exemptions for farmers (and I assume breaders/boarders would be classified as such) with regard to CDL's and operating authority. If you only plan to operate in VA, I'd contact the Motor Carrier Division of the Dept of Motor Vehicles in VA for information. If you operate outside VA you should be able to get by with a DOT number and the name of the farm on your truck.
This is what I was thinking. I'm a state trooper in virginia and work with the motor carrier guys everyday so thats covered. I just know that you guys who travel out of state would know better than me about the regional stuff. You guys are seriously a lifesaver. I know where I would be without you guys and I learn so much everytime I ask a question.
I don't deal with trucks a lot at work, passenger cars mostly so I figured you guys could help me out and I was right!!!! As far as any info I can offer to you all please ask...but remember free legal advice is just that FREE legal advice.
Thanks again to all.
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