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Greetings, I got a problem and wondering what I am looking at price wise.

Cold start fine.
Warm crank no start. Had this problem back in 06 and HPOP done under warranty. It is back again.

04 6.0 per Ford Service dept. needs:
$200 diag. - completed.
1200 tear down. - completed

Injector Pressure Regulator?
Valve Cover Gasket from Air test.
Oil Change
CC DAC Switch Connector

They also say I need the BG Cooling and BG Induction Cleaning. However, I just had my AC serviced and access ports and Remove and Refill done.

They are quoting $5000 out the door. How crazy is that?

Thankfully, the Lord just found me a new job 2 months ago after not working for 10 years. So I can afford it...I guess.


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How crazy? Like Patty Hearst meets scientology crazy. You can typically get the truck bulletproofed for $5,500. That's a cab off HG job with all parts, machining the heads, etc. $5,000 to fix what's likely another bad HPOP, or maybe even just an ICP/IPR issue is absurd.

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Sounds like these guys are trying to soak you.
BG Cooling and BG Induction Cleaning?? What the heck is that? Probably snake oil that just cleans out your wallet.

Could be something relatively simple like injector o-rings. But even if it's that, I'd find another shop. They would probably just use the Salesman's smile on you. (Smiling because they're lining their pocket at your expense.)
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