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Washer Fluid in power Steering res

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Does Any one know what may happen to the system if this happens. The dealer said that is ruined the power steering pump
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Who did it? If you're mechanically inclined and want to do try to fix it yourself do this: Locate the power steering hose located to the left of the fuel cooler. The fuel cooler is bolted to the left side of the charge air cooler. It's basically between the left headlamp and the fuel cooler. Disconnect the hose, get larger hoses/fittings over the hose and the metal line. Run the other end of the lines into a bucket. Start the engine, the fluid will shoot out of one of the lines. Keep on adding fluid, connect the hose, drive the truck, and repeat. It's messy but effective. I mean it is possible that the washer fluid damaged the pump and hydroboost, but most likely the dealer is trying to take advantage of you or they are stupid. Do what I said and if it works it works and it cost you $60 is power steering fluid. I use that method to bleed air from the lines after replacing a pump or complete engine.
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