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Waste gate control solenoid part#

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The gasket/rubber block between my solenoid and the turbo has gone bad causing a massive oil leak. Problem is I cant find a part number or a place poto buy it. Tried local dealer and no luck. Also, am I likely to find a Bigger, different problem once I fix this?

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No, I was actually talking about the wastegate solenoid. After further investigation, I figured out the hpop hose sitting under that solenoid had split and was shooting oil on that screw making it look likely oil was coming from there. couldn't see the split until I got way in there and had my son turn over the engine (which was of course after I made this post)

Anyway, ordered my hose and tool from bob at dieselorings (for about $100 less than the stealership) and should be here thursday.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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