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wastegate adjustment

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After installing my new DP chip, I have been seeing 30-32 lbs. of boost with my stock turbo. I have a Banks wastegate and was wondering how can I adjust it so it won't go over 25? Do I adjust the horizontal rod that goes to the turbo? How do I do it? Thanks
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If it was me, I'd just leave it as is and not pay much attention to the "sky is falling" folk when it comes to exceeding 25psi. IMHO, that is just a rough number to be weary of exceeding excessively. I know of some people that are still going with a stock turbo hitting 38 psi. I have seen 33 as my highest so far, i don't worry, and recommend that you leave it be.


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I respectfully disagree with Hammer. I guess my sky is falling /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif.

Everything I have read, and several very knowledgeable people that I have talked to, agree that even though your stock turbo is capable of more than 25 pounds of boost. The damage you are incurring to the turbo with the excessive boost, combined with the excessive heat you are generating, does not pencil out to being worth the minor gain you realize from over boosting the stock turbo.

Do a search on boost and you will see pages of threads on what the stock turbo is "capable of" versus what it's most efficient range is.


On Edit: I forgot that another factor of excessive boost on a stock turbo is excessive back pressure.
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