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Water and Diesel mix, what to do?

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I got a mess. This farmer said that he had a barrel of old diesel that he collected when changing tanks and wanted to give it away before the bottom rotted out of the barrel like the other one. So i snaged it, he loaded it on the PU with a front end loader and I took it home and off loaded it with the use of the pneumatic pump into another barrel on the ground. Well it turns out there must have been a ton of water in there and the pump did a good job of making an immulsion of gooey mess when I transferred it.

I put a samle in a 1 foot tall glass container to observe and it looks like it might take a year or more to separate. I don't know of a place to dispose of this mess around here but there may be one and I am unaware.

Any suggestions on how to dispose of this mess the "right way"
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I would try to heat it to about 170* for 3-4 hours and see what that will do. I believe heating will cause it to evaporate out instead of settling to the bottom.
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