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I have a no start situation in my 05 7.3l. It cranks but doesn't start.
The Superchip DTC tells me P1139 WIF circuit fault.

The Ford dealer service manager tells me its probably a P1140 WIF condition and I can't read it right because I don't have a Ford reader etc etc Besides they are booked up for two weeks and the next nearest dealer is 75 miles away.

So just to be sure I drained the filter/seperator as per the manual, however the fault remains.

The WIF light does not come on with the other instrument lights when I switch the ignition on. To be honest I can't rememeber if it ever did. I suppose it must have done, if that is what is supposed to happen.

So my question is: am I looking for a circuit fault and if so where do I start looking. (I don't have a great track record with electrics) If it's a P1140 as the dealer thinks why would not draining it fix the isssue.

Any advice or suggestions are much appreciated.
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