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I've been doing some work on my neighbor's 1995 F-350 Powerstroke and after changing the oil and filter, I attempted to drive the truck without letting it really warm up and, immediately, it started bogging down and stalling. Pressing the accelerator seemed to do nothing at times. I got it back to his place and, after letting it idle for ten minutes, drove off without any problems. The other night, he went out, stalled, and the truck hasn't been able to start since.
Prior to taking it out, the truck hadn't really been driven in over a week (it is rarely driven at all) and the fuel hadn't been changed in over a month in one tank and five months in the other. It has been exceptionally wet and colder than average (although never below freezing).
I drained the Fuel Filter/Water Seperator and have plugged it in hoping that it might just be a cold engine. Does anyone know if I should check my glow plugs and/or clean out the fuel tank and fill with new diesel?

1995 F-350 Powerstroke
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