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My truck is a 1999.5 f350. I get water inside the passenger side floor. I found that the fresh air duct off the heater box which comes up thru the firewall into and under the passenger wiper is leaking. When i removed the blower motor the box on heater side was filed with water. i sprayed water across the windshield. I then put my hand up into the vent and felt the water leak coming from the vent. This vent is under the sheet metal and appears to be secured by caulking only. The only access to this is thru a 4"x4" covered hole on the passenger side sheetmetal. The drivers side is open because of the wiper assembly. I removed the wiper assembly and stretched my arm under the sheetmetal and covered the bottom of the vent which is adhered to the firewall with silicon. Has anybody have the same problem. I replaced everything back and waiting for the rain.
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