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Wayer on fuel and low fuel rail preasure

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Heading home from dinner....
Drain water from fuel light came in earlier
Lost cruise.....
Pulled into rest stop....
Turned pitcock for water seperator....
Left it drain...
Could not remeber if you leave it left it open....
Got two miles up the road. ..dies on the road
Cranks and nothing...well now a dead battery!

Where do i start
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Yes it was a stupid mistake, but was excited at midnight when it started running right - threw the hood down and away I went! - well for a mile or so!!! lol!

Changed both filters - lower filter was black, and i assume that drained the water cause it is not lighting up any longer??????

Put a battery charger on one battery and my sons truck on the other battery

cycled the key and attempted to start the truck for about an hour giving the truck a breather every 3 -4 attempts

Eventually it did start
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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