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Wayer on fuel and low fuel rail preasure

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Heading home from dinner....
Drain water from fuel light came in earlier
Lost cruise.....
Pulled into rest stop....
Turned pitcock for water seperator....
Left it drain...
Could not remeber if you leave it left it open....
Got two miles up the road. ..dies on the road
Cranks and nothing...well now a dead battery!

Where do i start
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Personally, I have no faith in the water in fuel sensor, located on the side of the water separator housing. Those messages usually mean paraffin build up or bad sensor. Don't know that I've ever seen anybody post that draining the water separator actually fixed anything once the message displayed on the dash. Instead, I see them fixing the sensor or cleaning out the housing.

But seriously, you left the drain open?

The correct procedure is to open drain, drain off a pint or so, CLOSE THE PETCOCK DRAIN and then remove air from fuel line by cycling the key 6 times.

Cycle the key = turn key on but don't start engine, wait 30 seconds, turn the key off

Start by shutting the water separator petcock. Then recharge your batteries. Then hope you can get the air out by doing the "cycle the key" sequence 6 times. If you still can't start it you'll need to move up to the fuel cooler and remove air there. You can search for a youtube video on how to do this.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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