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heres the situation

parked the truck last night after topping off at the local station, did touch it unitll about eight o'clock tonight and when i went to start it, it would just crank over. being 31 degrees out and not plugged in i let the glow plugs fire over again and still nothing, tried that a few more times with it being windy out and didnt feel like popping the hood. after no success i cracked open the fuel canister to find a bowl full nice and not gelled diesel, so i went back to the cab and cranked it over a few more times. after finaly deciding to bite the bullet and change out the cps in a parking garage in a light sweat shirt i got the tools , and just for haha's before i started working i tried starting it on teh back tank and it actually fired once, so i cranked it again and it fired up. worried about it happening again, should i not top off the tank before i park it? only thing i could think of would be a possible vacume problem in teh tank knowing our amazing vent lines.
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