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Weird smell

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Has anybody experienced a strong odor coming from the engine compartment. My brother has an '04 F250 6.0. About a week ago he started having problems with the egr.(the truck has a little over 100k on it)The same time the egr started acting up we noticed a weird smell. It is only noticable at idle, when you start moving it seems to go away. He just had the egr replaced but the smell is still there. Its not a fuel smell, it almost smells like something burning or some kind of chemical or pesticide. We've looked all over and cant figure out what it is. Any ideas.
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search for sushibar1 and read my post, I think we are having the same problem, my EGR was just replaced as well and now I have a strange smell. It is an acrid smell like curing silicone would smell like.
It is not coolant, nor fuel.
dealer smells it but doesn't have an idea. I will spray a disinfectant down the ventilation intake and monitor closely.
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