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I have an 88kw Perkins engine, actually it's a part for part exact equivalent made by a company called MWM International, but it's identical to the Perkins engine. The problem is if the unit is running and then shut down and then started right back up again within a few minutes of being shut down it won't start. The fuel stop solenoid is not opening. The only thing that gets it going is to let the motor sit for an hour or more or it can be restarted immediately if I bleed the fuel system between the primary and secondary pumps (at the fuel filter). When I bleed it only pure fuel comes out, no air, and a short spurt comes out till pressure is bled off. The pressure seems like just the normal pressure from the primary (lift) pump. But it's relieving that pressure that lets the fuel stop solenoid function normally again. My theory is the secondary (injection) pump probably is making suction against one side of the solenoid's plunger, and the primary (lift) pump is making pressure on the other side so the natural forces are against the solenoid opening, but the fuel solenoid must be designed to overcome that. For what ever reason it isn't.

I've even tried replacing the stop solenoid with no improvement.

Before I ordered the relacement fuel stop solenoid I tested the voltage to the original one to make sure it wasn't an electrical problem and the voltage is fine. The original stop solenoid only had one connection for the +12 volts and it was grounded through the body of the solenoid. The replacement has a separate ground connection. I'm using the replacement now so I know it's getting a good ground. But the problem continues.

Originally I was assuming the fuel stop solenoid was bad so I replaced it but have the exact same issue.

Does anyone know why a fuel stop solenoid would fail to function properly besides the solenoid itself being bad?

You can see the generator at my site

Thanks so much!
Greg Ihnen
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