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Went to go pickup my new to me 07 6.0

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So i went to go pickup my 2007 f350 king ranch 6.0 dually when the check engine light came on and the dealer said the code was low boost. So they currently have it in the shop and said they are cleaning the turbo. Does that sound normal? The truck only has 46k on it and im paying $28,500. Should I run? The oasis also said it never had warranty work. The truck is almost spotless.
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In August 2010 I bought a used 2006, 6.0. Drove it off the lot and made it 5 miles and the ck engine light came on. Took it back and got the same song and dance. Said the turbo needed cleaning and wanted me to pay them 2000.00 to clean it. I declined and pulled the EGR valve out and cleaned it. Light went off and was good for a couple months. I bought mine with the intensions of Deleting the egr, cooler and getting head bolts and a flash. So I worked that into the deal and had some money set aside for it. It took all of 2 months before it left me on the side of the road, over heated from blown head gasket.
After the expensive surgery it is a great reliable truck, before it was a piece of shi___!!

Do what you want, but expect to pay some $$$$$$ down the road.
PS when I had the work done to the truck I asked the mechanic if the turbo was alright, as ford wanted to work on it. He said there was NOTHING wrong with the turbo.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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