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Went to go pickup my new to me 07 6.0

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So i went to go pickup my 2007 f350 king ranch 6.0 dually when the check engine light came on and the dealer said the code was low boost. So they currently have it in the shop and said they are cleaning the turbo. Does that sound normal? The truck only has 46k on it and im paying $28,500. Should I run? The oasis also said it never had warranty work. The truck is almost spotless.
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I would still move forward with it. Sounds like a problem from the low milage and is not serious. Mine had the same problem not too long ago and it is an easy fix. You should still be under the Ford warranty for a while with an option to purchase an extended warranty if you want.

Do a search on the site and look for all the good advice on what mods are available out there to make your truck dependable. Most are not that expensive and relatively easy to do.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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