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Wet AIS!

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Thanks to 100 miles of driving in Fat Alberto's rain I got my AIS filter wet. This is the second time this has happened. After the first time I made a deflector to go in front of the zoodad mod, it doesn't seal off the zoodad hole just kind of sits square with the grill with about a 2 inch gap between it and the 3 zoodad holes. I guess it works for the most part as this is only the second time I noticed it. My main question is, How well does the filter hold up after getting wet? It looks like its just wet on the half where the snorkel comes into the box. Should I replace the filter?
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So am I #3 or #4? My AIS filter (stock intake and engine) got a little wet around the lower half and up one side while driving on the highway during a downpour last summer. I didn't notice any change in engine sound or performance at the time. But while looking under the hood a week later, I noticed the air filter restriction gauge had climbed from its usual quarter-way to half-way. (I remember I had to pass a few cars after the rain had stopped and had my right foot planted a couple times). I pulled the filter and saw the water stain, but of course it was dry by then. I send an oil sample to Blackstone at every change. Silicon levels have not increased, so I don't believe there is any significant affect on the filtering performance. I will continue to run this same filter unless I see silicon levels increase.

I wish that Donaldson guy would come back and post about the lasting effects of water on the PowerCore filter media.
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