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Wet AIS!

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Thanks to 100 miles of driving in Fat Alberto's rain I got my AIS filter wet. This is the second time this has happened. After the first time I made a deflector to go in front of the zoodad mod, it doesn't seal off the zoodad hole just kind of sits square with the grill with about a 2 inch gap between it and the 3 zoodad holes. I guess it works for the most part as this is only the second time I noticed it. My main question is, How well does the filter hold up after getting wet? It looks like its just wet on the half where the snorkel comes into the box. Should I replace the filter?
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Thanks for the advice. Not too many snowmobile shops down south here. Where is a good online place for the material and also to pick up the AIS filter at a good price?
Thank you very much!
Congrats you are only the second person who I have ever heard to actually get the filter wet. The first was a guy driving for 12 hours plus in a blizzard and now you in a Tropical storm, probably with horizontal rain. For the thousands of the rest of us who seldom see these conditions, let alone drive in them, there is no problem of getting the filter wet!!

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NChornet, just my luck! The first time was during one of those tropical storms last year while I was down in FL. I think I'm going to try the pre-filter idea. Sounds simple enough maybe it will go better than the brakes did. Did you ever get your brakes straightened out?
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