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What AC Compressor was stock on a 1984 E350 6.9?

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My AC clutch went out on my E350. I believe that the van still has the OE compressor. It says made in Japan on the face of the clutch. I odered a tool set to remove the clutch but I want to make sure I got the right one. It has one of those threaded holes in the middle into which you thread the puller. The set I ordered has three of those pullers. Does anyone know which compressor I have?

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I'm guessing, but I *think* my '84 F250 has an FS6.


Yes, your rig apparently came with an FS6, like I think mine has. At least one internet source agrees with my guess -- that's where I stop thinking /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif
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