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What are the differences.....

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....between the F250 and the 350? I tried to do a comparison on Ford's site and can't find much difference other that the almost $1,000 price tag. Same springs, same shocks? Same brakes? Although, I know the 350 has hydroboost vs the 250 vacuumboost, but I don't know what that really means. Does the 350 come with bigger rotors/calipers?

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The F350's capacities are greater. There was some discussion not too long ago on here about the rear axles. Some said they were exactly the same but if I remember right it was proven that the axle in the F350 has a different part number and has slight bigger components (shafts and bearings) than the F250. I have no idea why you would buy an F250 with these newer models. It used to be because the F350 had a ride that was too harsh but that's not the case now. They both ride the same, if you buy an F250 you are just getting a de-rated one ton and so many people realize this mistake when they go rv shopping and find out the pin weight on the trailer is too much for their 3/4 to but is well within the F350's capacity.
Yeah, I love my 01 F350 and most of the time I love the harsh ride, I like the feel of a stout truck but I also like the way the new trucks ride. I wil get a new one when the time is right and when I do you can bet it will be a one ton, an F250 just doesn't make me. another problem I have is I don't want to part ways with my 01 7.3 its been too good to me.
I have been interested in this too. I know that the F350 has overload springs but I was looking at the capacities and weights from Ford. For a similarly equipped truck CrewCAB 4x4 PSD 156.2" WB SRW.

The payload difference between the F250 and F350 is shown but the numbers do not make sense to me. for example the trucks will weigh the same correct? so the F250 has a 10,000 lb GVWR with a max payload of 3250 lbs.

The F350 has a GVWR of either 11,300 lbs with a max payload of 4420 lbs or a GVWR of 11,500 lbs with a max payload of 3990 lbs.

What I don't understand is that for the same truck shouldn't GVWR correlate directly into more payload I don't understand how GVWR goes up 200 lbs and Payload goes down 430 lbs?

The other thing I don't understand is that when fifth wheel towing the numbers for the F-250 and F-350 trucks are the same except in the configuration I mentioned above in which the F350 is rated about 1300 lbs higher, however they are rated identical for that configuration with 2wd.
Where did you get your info? The difference between the trucks is a lot more than just ratings and tags. F350's have an axle that looks identical to the one found in an F250 but its shafts and bearings are different and there is apparently a difference in the rear springs, I just don't know what that difference.
So....if an '11 F250 and F350 both have GVWR of 10,000 lb., the F350 still has stiffer (rear) springs? Is there any difference in brake hardware: calipers and/or rotor size? To clarify, I'm not asking whether I should look for an F250 or an F350; I just want to know what Ford is charging an extra $900+ dollars for.


As was said earlier, the F350 has hydroboost brakes. I don't know why they wouldn't put them on the F250 but they don't.
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