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What are these wires?

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I was under the dash below the steering wheel today putting my new upfitters in. Above the parking brake right by the satellite radio, there is a small 2 prong connector and 2 brown dead ended wires bundled together. What are these? They aren't tied up with any other wires and look like maybe they should be hooked up to something.
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It is common for there to be un-used connectors and wires in the dash. Not all trucks are equipped the same. Obviously there is no need for concern on your part but if you need to satisfy your curiosity a picture might be helpful.
Thanks for the image. By all appearances, that is not part of the factory harness as far as I can tell. Can you see where the harness leads to? Can you definately verify that it is coming out of the factory harness or does it disappear?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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