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What causes the smoke?

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Okay, I ran out of fuel today on the way to work but luckily, I keep a small auto parts store in the trunk of my car. Soooooo, I tossed in about a gallon and a half of new 10w 30 oil and finished the drive. The fuel filter was a nice golden color, showing that I had pure oil in the lines but I had absolutely NO smoke. None. None at idle, none while driving, and none when I floored it.

Now, my car smokes on anything, especially straight D2. Why didnt it smoke today on pure oil?

Im thinking it bought some nicotine patches.
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Okay, it has a non-turbo 3 liter 5 cylinder engine with 350k miles on it.
Ive been burning D2 for awhile because my oil supply was lousy. No residual W85.
The engine was relatively cold because I ran out a mile down the road from my house and it was the first drive of the day.
I didnt add any gas. Do you think I keep gas in the trunk of my diesel?
And I had a relatively new filter. Not plugged. Ive been there before and this wasnt it.

Anywho. I get gray smoke on D2 and none on 10W40 SMO.

There, I clarified. Thanks for the responses!
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