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What causes the smoke?

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Okay, I ran out of fuel today on the way to work but luckily, I keep a small auto parts store in the trunk of my car. Soooooo, I tossed in about a gallon and a half of new 10w 30 oil and finished the drive. The fuel filter was a nice golden color, showing that I had pure oil in the lines but I had absolutely NO smoke. None. None at idle, none while driving, and none when I floored it.

Now, my car smokes on anything, especially straight D2. Why didnt it smoke today on pure oil?

Im thinking it bought some nicotine patches.
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no...what this guy is saying is that he Burnt BRAND NEW MOTOR OIL in his diesel.....and it DID NOT SMOKE!

so he is trying to figure out whay that is, when his car smokes on D2!!
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