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What is the OE PN for a filler neck, 2001 F350 extended cab 96" bed 7.3L? (the number I have is 8C3Z9034KF but this doesn't seem to be correct)

When filling with fuel to the very top of the tank, there was some leakage from near the top of the filler neck but not from the filler opening-- presumably a rust hole has developed up near the top behind the sheet metal. The hole typically isn't a problem when filling, but does mean dirt/water can get in which is a problem.

So after searching for a while I bought a Spectra Premium FN728 (at a very premium price..)-- and being wary of aftermarket "right part but doesn't fit without using a hammer", before taking anything apart I found the OE filler cap does not fit. I sent a query to Spectra Premium which came back with the helpful advice that I should buy a Stant filler cap! I am reluctant to pull the old filler neck only to find the FN728 doesn't fit, with more helpful advice to use a hacksaw to correct the discrepancy.

I want a part that actually fits like OE. Barring that, I might as well repair what I have, it is just a couple of pipes that seem pretty solid-- but with rust, one tiny hole is just the camel's nose.

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