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what is the cheapest way to do exhaust if emissions and loudness are not a concern

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was going to get a magnaflow turbo back but read that other options are out there. any suggestions on a cheaper way to help my truck breath would be appreciated. i live in AL so emmisions are not tight and loud is fine.
f250 2002 diesel
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Get the MBRP turbo back system, they are available in aluminized and T-409 and T-304stainless. If you want to go really low priced get a down pipe and a leave it at that, we have those at a very good price too!. It'll be loud though. Heck I know a local nut that has one half of a down pipe turned up and out through the hood, really looks cool in the dark when he wails on it!
Call us if you have any questions etc.

Mark @ DPPI
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