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What is the cylinder numbers and firing order? P0676 Number 6 glow plug

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My POS Haynes shop manual does not give the cylindering numbers. What are they? What is the firing order?

How does one bench test glow plugs? What is the rsisitence spec., between terminal and body? terminal and tip? Thanks.
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Thank you guys, for the response's!

I had code P0676, #6 glow plug circuit problem. I installed 4 new drivers side glow plugs, new harness(in the valve cover) and a new valve cover gasket. Cleared the codes, and the "Service engine soon" light stayed on, after 3 start/drive cycles. I have not yet, driven it to Santa Rosa "Pep Boy's" to re-scan for codes. I thought I did the WRONG side, but i guess not.

It starts and runs OK, but I want to correct this problem. All help appriciated!
Buddy M, Thank you! I will try that this morning. Where is the GPCM? What does it look like?

PS I started a new tread, because the question changed from mearly wondering if I worked on the wrong "bank" to what did I miss!
Thanks again!

I removed both connectors from the GPCM and checked continuity to negative battery terminal. Yellow/white 0 ohm, red .2 ohm, yellow/red 0 ohm, yellow/black 0 ohm, yellow/green 0 ohm.

So I've got a bad GPCM?
CPCM YC3Z12B533AA Dealer quoted me $200.00 for the part. Who's cheaper?

2000 Excursion 7.3 4x4 california, build date 05/00
I too am a little concerned about 0 ohms. It's too perfect. But, at infinity, my meter reads "OL". I had the meter set in the "4 Ohm" range (0-4ohms).
I will re-check in the AM. Thanks.
On the 0-400 ohm scale, I measured .4 ohms(sometimes 0!)

I will order the module monday, dealer won't go lower than $180.00 Thanks.
Problem solved!

Thank you all for your VALUABLE assistence! I recieved my GPCM today, installed it, 3 drive cycles, SES light OFF! I only wish I did that, before new drivers side glow plugs, harness and gasket!

I also bought a Ford Excursion Factory shop manual, on ebay and a Bob Rieley 203 degree thermostat and billit housing. Looking foward to getting them.

Perhaps I'll go wild and do the Zoo-Dad Mod! Looking to hit 20MPG highway! Thanks again!
1 - 9 of 17 Posts
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