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What Problems do u have

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What problems do you guys have with your trucks. I am thinking of getting a ford. I have an 03 gmc, but after having to replace my injectors twice now in 2 years i have had it with it and trying to decide if i want to get a ford or go back to gas. so any help would be great. Thanks
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I have a 2003 6.0psd you know the "worst year" no problems had 2 injectors replaced about 80k and a egr valve. other than that this truck is awesome...every motor is diffrent I guess some people have good luck and some with bad luck. the truck its self is awesome superduty is the way to go.
Hey thanks guys for the input. so blackwaterstroker do you know what caused your injectors and egr to fail. the injector thing has me alittle on edge cause of my truck now. it is a pian to change injectors out. thanks
It failed because it didnt have the "new buzz flash" that the 6.0's have. and the egr valve was just clogged up. but allmost 85k miles on both egr and injectors and that truck is still kickin it...Their are good 6.0's out their just gotta look.

p.s. This truck was my dads truck until about 18mo. ago. the had the two injectors replaced and the egr. the said it failed cuz of not having the buzz flash.
thanks for the info OMC...I drive that thing 80miles a day on the freeway doing about
60-80 miles hr. so that egr gets cleaned.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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