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After my last trip to Alaska and back with my in bed camper, I see I have a cupping/feathering of my right front tire. I stopped in at my local alignment shop, and he said it looks to be 'shocks' in his opinion, he then checked out my rear tires, and the inner rear has cupping 'bad' on the inside of the tire! Now, my truck is an ' five years old, with it's stock OEM Rancho's, and in my opinion I 'should' be much more than 5 years out of my shocks!
My last truck ('95 F250) I owned for 17 years, and when I sold it, it had the same shocks on it as when I bought it new!!
Anyway...this makes me a little hesitant to put Rancho's on again, as my brother put Bilsteins on his Dodge, and seems very happy with the end result.
I thought I'd see if you folks might have some advice on which way to go, and if this tire issue even IS the shocks?

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Bilsteins 5100 series is the way to go with these truck, you won't believe the difference it will make

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