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What will I need?

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I have noticed that my truck doesnt start right up when it it only about 40 degrees. I have to cycle the key a couple of times but if I plug it in then it starts perfect. So I'm thinking its time to replace the glow plugs but when I do that I want to replace everything else that should be replaced. Im not really worried about checking what works and what doesnt. I figured since Im going to be changing the glow plugs I might as well change other things. Can someone tell me what all I will need to buy to do this job, (besides glow plugs:icon_wink:) Thanks Daniel
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When I do mine this comming summer I plan on buying this kit from

7.3GLOWPLGKT94-97 Each$544.60$544.60
$324.24 94-97 POWERSTROKE Glow Plug Kit, Includes UVC Harnesses and
Kit includes 8 Motorcraft Glow Plugs (12A342), 4 Under Valve Cover Harnesses (9D930), and 2 Valve Cover Gaskets (6584). Everything you need to replace the Glow Plugs all in one easy package! Fits 94-97 Powerstroke engines only, does not apply to IDI engines.

Then once I get into the valve covers I will have everything that I need. If the harnesses are ok and I don't need to replace the valve cover gaskets there is always Ebay or somebody here that needs the parts. So I figure that I will not really loose any money on the kit.
But to your problem you should really check out your GPR first and then test the glow plugs with an ohm meeter before shot gunning parts to fix a problem that you might not even have.

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