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My first post -
Broke down on trip - HELP PLEASE
Drove on interstate around 250 miles. Refilled with 1/4 tank. Drove another 40 and started losing power. We are dead in the water. Truck will idle a little rough, but not bad. Blows blue white smoke when I push the accelerator. No power when I put in gear. Sometimes cuts off. Any suggestions. Oh yea, it's a 6.0 that has been bullet proofed. Engine and tranny temp are normal. Oil pressure is good.

Update -
Family came to the rescue and towed me home.
It was suggested to drain the fuel. I drained the fuel and it kinda had a gas smell to it. Not real sure though. I also replaced the fuel filters and added some PM22 and PM23 fuel treatment. Added 10 gal of fresh diesel. Truck started up, ran good, had normal power, but did smoke. I drove to the gas station - 1.5 miles, filled up the tank. Drove off - no power?? Drove real slow to get her home. Reset the computers by disconnecting and reconnecting batteries. No help.
What do I need to look at next? Could a bad fuel injector be causing this issue? How about the turbo charger? Any feedback would be appreciated!!
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have you happened to notice and obvious air leaks - could it have blown off the cac boot and you are not building pressure? when mine did that it blew lots of smoke and made more noise than usual. it wasnt completely off, just part of the hose came out from the clamp so it was letting air escape and was obviously down on power even though it still ran ok but rough.
sorry you are way above my paygrade here and a knowledgeable answer - wish I could help more - sounds like the ficm is ok regarding voltage - as for the hpop I think there is a way to check that pressure but not sure if you have to have a scan gauge for that or something or special software/laptop

from what I have heard on a bad hpop they are hard starting when warm - sorry I missed your earlier post if you stated but what year truck/miles is this? if its an 03 and more than 150K I would have suspicions on the HPOP - but given this all happened possibly from bad fuel/gas in it.......hmmmm that wouldn't run through the hpop itself
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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