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What's up with that?.......Ford's 04 a jinx?

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Well, I posted here before I got my :ford: 04 F-250 and I thought I was somewhat informed and prepared. I drove it for a week before realizing that things weren't right. The Tow\Haul light kept flashing and on one occasion I could not get into reverse. I took it back to the dealer who checked it out with his diagnostic computer and found a fault for transmission solenoid 2B so he said to bring it in and he'd put in a new solenoid.

I was able to get in a week later and it was replaced. The next day I was set to make the longest trip yet with the F-250 to pick up a gun safe about 75 miles away. I stopped in for them to top off the transmission fluid and left. The Tow\Haul light started to flash again about 30 miles into the trip. We got into a construction zone and had a lot of idle time before getting to where we were going and on the return had to go through the same construction. Nothing was out of the ordinary while idling.

Twice on that trip I noticed an unusual drop in power. Having read posts around here I checked the gauges, but everything was looking good. Within a week I had another incident where upon trying to go in reverse there was simply no recognition from the vehicle that the accelerator was being pressed to the floor while the gear shift read R. So back to the dealer I went and he said he'd set up an appointment with a transmission expert. I talked with him a few days later and he told me where his transmission expert was and just to drop in when I had the chance for him to better diagnose the problem.

I dropped in and he was clueless about the deal I'd discussed with my dealer. Hey, it's still good ole boy network up here. So I made an appointment and told the dealer what his transmission specialist had said, and that I made an appointment. In the mean time I had to drive the :ford: F-250 on its longest road trip yet to pick up a golf cart. The temps were perfect about 72* to 85* and low humidity. It ran like a top. Not a tick on the way down and only a couple of stutters on the way back.

Thursday I got the truck to the transmission specialist for the major diagnostic testing. I will say that I was pretty convinced from the problems that it had to be computer related, and his testing confirmed that was a major part of my problems. However, there is a problem with the truck in reverse anyway. It is very slow to respond in reverse and today I think I found out what he experienced on his test drives. It felt as though the brake was on after its usually slow movement in reverse.

So, that's where I stand with the truck I purchased almost 2 months ago. No discernible engine problems with the 6.0L Diesel, but just about everything else is going nuts with about 107680 miles on her.

What do you think?
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