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Wheel bearing noise?

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I can't tell if I have tire noise or a problem with wheel bearings.
I would think tire noise will have a higher pitch the faster you go.

The noise I have does not change. I hear it only when I am moving.
I have jacked up the front end and spun the wheels but I do not hear any noise.

Does any one have any thoughts?
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I don't hear one tire.
Noise is not defined at front or rear.

Could it be the center bearing?
Thanks for the suggestions.

I will have to do as you suggest and lift the truck up.

I guess I was being lazy and trying to avoid lifting the truck.
I jacked up the truck and put the rear end on jack stands. With the motor running in drive, I could hear noise at the rear of the truck. Crawled under neath to make sure the drive shaft u joints or center bearings were not making any noise.

Noise is in the pumpkin.

I turned off motor drove the truck to pick up some stuff. When I came back and jacked it up again, I heard clicking in the pumpkin. It is as if a piece of metal is getting knocked around.
After almost a minute the clicking noise went away.

WIld guess on the problem?
I pulled the cover off the rear end. drained the fluid through a rag. There were no metal chunks. I have a magnet on the inside of the cover. The metal collected was very fine. When I inspected the teeth of the gears, I noticed the edges on the teeth of the ring gear felt like a serrated steak knife. You could see it on the teeth.

Will I have to replace the ring gear?
Or just replace and shim the bearings?
Thanks for your help. It took a while to figure out how to upload the picture.
I have some one looking for a wrecked truck with the rear end and a utility bed.


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Thank you very much for the advice.
Giving an update ....

Today I finally dropped the drive shaft and tried to tighten the pinion nut. I don't have a torque wrench for the 1 7/8" nut. Everything I have read about the dana 80 says 470 or so ft. lbs.
I used and impact. I wasn't able to see much movement of the socket.

I still have the noise.

I have read on the internet about people having problems with the bearings flaking apart.

A ford diesel mech came over to my garage and looked at my dually rear end. We disassembled it and made a list of the bearings etc.

I bought the parts. pinion inner and outer bearings/cups and seal. Also carriage bearings/ cups

Today he assembled it and the problem is taken care of.

Cost me about $180. for the parts and $400. for labor
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