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Wheel bearing noise?

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I can't tell if I have tire noise or a problem with wheel bearings.
I would think tire noise will have a higher pitch the faster you go.

The noise I have does not change. I hear it only when I am moving.
I have jacked up the front end and spun the wheels but I do not hear any noise.

Does any one have any thoughts?
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I see, it's like chipping at very top of the wear pattern.
Hi George, if the nut came loose as suggested, the pinion depth changed, allowing the contact pattern to be to high up on the tooth and if you set the pinion height back to where it was you might be ok if this has not been going on long. The pinion will n longer be that high so it won't be touching the tooth up there anymore. It's worth a shot.
Dang George.
Can it be down long enough to pull it ot and rebuild it or have it rebuilt? Have you googled: Ebay the axle, your town local pick up? Might be one right around the corner.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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