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Wheel Seal, forgot big emergency brake spring

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Just wondering I fixed my wheel seal today, keep my fingers crossed, anyway I had to completely tear apart the emergency brake cuz it was completely covered with gear lube. Well after I got everything together I noticed the big spring for the emergency brake on the ground. Do I need to be concerned

Oh yeah my diff was 2 quarts low, no weird noises, should I be concerned about this as well
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Well... the spring was there for a reason.... what do you think?

The diff was two quarts low.... doesn't sound like the truck is very well cared for...
I am not here to ruffle feathers.... if someone chooses to take offense at a simple sentence, I have little control over that.

In this particular case, we are discussing brakes... there isn't one system on anyones truck that is more important than the brake system.

I don't "fool around" with brakes and I wont release a vehicle with missing brake parts. In a nutshell, yes, I would stop everything and install the spring.

As for the oil level.... The oil not only lubricates the differential, it also carries heat away from high shear areas. It doesn't take much oil to make a big, big mess and, if we treat our trucks as the machines that they are, these things will be noticed before we run the chance of damage.

On a near daily basis, I am presented with a situation where someone has driven something to destruction because they didn't exercise due care and vigilance. On fleet trucks we regualarly see a small sticker at the drivers door touting "Walk around your vehicle". This is not a call for the driver to exercise more.... it is a call for the driver to look for obvious concerns.

As for me being on a high horse..... if that's the way you look at it, so be it. I say what I think. I've seen a lot of "Armorall Queens" in my life - a "3 dressed up as a 9", if you will. I am selling nothing. I am not telling anyone to break the law. All I want is for those that will listen to get the best bang for their buck.
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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