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Wheel Seal, forgot big emergency brake spring

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Just wondering I fixed my wheel seal today, keep my fingers crossed, anyway I had to completely tear apart the emergency brake cuz it was completely covered with gear lube. Well after I got everything together I noticed the big spring for the emergency brake on the ground. Do I need to be concerned

Oh yeah my diff was 2 quarts low, no weird noises, should I be concerned about this as well
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I understand the spring is there for a reason, guess what I am asking is should I drop everything I am doing and go put it back on or can it wait a week until next weekend when I do my coolant flush?

Grampy Jim, the truck is very well taken care of!!!!
From what I can gather it started to leak on a long trip from Boston-Virginia-Boston. Right around the same time I replaced my brakes and developed a pull. There was no fluid when I changed the brakes, chased the pull when I got back and found the wheel seal.

If you were trying to ruffle my feathers you did a pretty good job. I post here to learn things, not be insulted!!! Not all of us are Ford Master Tech-Diesel certified. Please get off your High Horse and mingle with mere mortals from time to time you might actually learn something.
Jim: I was asking for advice, you gave yours, thank you. I should have posted everything as to avoid confusion.

As far as the brakes, I am not driving for the next week, I did not post that because I did not think it was relevant, maybe it would have cleared things up. I dont fool around with brakes either, I cant imagine anything worse than a brake failure (my fault) and hurting or possibly killing someone else, especially when I am the father of three wonderful children. I wouldnt want that to happen to me and I would never want to have that on my conscience.

As far as the gear oil, I did a round trip with out much of anything except gas stops, and I had no indication of the leak during the trip. If you are suggesting I do a walk around every single time then I dont know what to tell you. If you can show me someone who checks everything every single time they get in the truck, especially when there wasnt a problem in that particular area 1 week before then I will show you an honest politician. As soon as I got back and started chasing my pull I found it and fixed it. Thanks to the postings on this website it was easier and faster, especially when the local part stores didnt know what kind of tool I needed for the ratcheting locknut. Usually referred to as the big tool with teeth on it. I also have fixed one to many machines in the Navy because the person taking logs blew them off and didnt check filters, levels, Differential Pressures on and on and on. Preventative is always better than corrective maintenance.

I guess the lesson I learned from this is to make sure all info and history is out so someone can make an educated remark. Remarks like
"The diff was two quarts low.... doesn't sound like the truck is very well cared for..." are hard to judge if you dont know the whole story
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