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wheel size and backspacing

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What size wheel and backspacing do I need to run 315 75 r16s with a 2 inch lift so they don't rub. I have them on the stock wheels but want to get the right size becuase the rubbing is driving me crazy. Will 16x8s with 4 inches of backspacing be enough or do I need more? Thanks.
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You need to go higher. If you get a rim that is out further it will for sure rub the inner fender well bad with your 2" lift. But it would get it off the spring. Fix one problem and get another.

I had stock rims with 35's and they rubbed the springs...I hated that!!
Went to 16x10 rims with 4.5" BS and "off road" flexing, I still kiss the inner fender just a little. And thats with a 4-5" lift.

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