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I've ran the same tymar filter for 30k miles. I pull 60+ psi of boost out of it still. Take the filter off and I see MAYBE 1-2 psi difference. PS, this is 60+ psi of boost out of a 75mm charger. The stock charger is somewhere around 54mm IIRC. What that means is that I'm pulling WAY more CFM.

Tymar FTW!!!!
I agree TYMAR FTW!!!

Nothing has been proven to outflow AND outclean a Donaldson filter the Tymar system uses.
Very true Cary. I love my TYMAR intake. i have had both AFE kits, stages 1 and 2. and now the TYMAR and liek it bets, it does make the turbo alittle louder, well doesnt make it louder, but u can hear it more now
21 - 21 of 21 Posts