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When to Replace Injection Pump?

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91 IDI, F350, 112K Miles, 4x4 Crew Cab, E40D, Banks Turbo/ Exhaust/Transcomand. My truck runs great, starts great. No issues. When should I think about changing out the injection pump? Do they typically fail completely (i.e. at once) or do they give you some sort of warning that they are starting to fail? I want to get my truck ready for another 7K mile round trip to Cancun, Mexico. I don't want it to fail on the road.

Thanks for your input!
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My experience with these DB2 pumps in GM 6.2l diesels is that you'll notice one of two things: Either the engine will start normally when cold but start very hard or not at all when warm, or you'll start noticing a power loss while driving and within a couple hundred miles it won't run any more.

The first one is obviously better; you can pour some lukewarm water over the pump to tighten things up enough for it to start and then add 2-3 quarts of clean engine oil to the tank with every fill-up to increase the viscosity of the fuel and prolong the inevitable. Start saving up for a pump & injectors, or to have the old ones rebuilt, when this first happens to you!

In the second case, when you notice that you have to give it more fuel than normal to climb a hill or maintain speed, start saving for a pump & injectors, or to have the old ones rebuilt. Continuing to drive it can be risky, since you don't know when it'll crap out on you. Most likely it won't be in a place that's either convenient to do the work or inexpensive to get the truck to a place to do the work.
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