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When to Replace Injection Pump?

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91 IDI, F350, 112K Miles, 4x4 Crew Cab, E40D, Banks Turbo/ Exhaust/Transcomand. My truck runs great, starts great. No issues. When should I think about changing out the injection pump? Do they typically fail completely (i.e. at once) or do they give you some sort of warning that they are starting to fail? I want to get my truck ready for another 7K mile round trip to Cancun, Mexico. I don't want it to fail on the road.

Thanks for your input!
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First post here, not an expert. The IP is designed for around 100k. Lots of them go longer. They can completely crap the bed in an instant, but usually they start to leak first. Sometimes the leaks continue for thousands of miles before complete failure. There's lots of info on the site if you look around (several how to replace discussions, some with video links). If I were you, I would buy a new one and keep it handy, but run the old one as long as looks good. If you had to you could probably swap it roadside in a couple of hours if you have tools. Timing it correctly is pretty advanced. The core charge will set you back a bit extra cost wise...
The safest bet is change it now. They aren't that cheap though. Expect to pay 600ish if you shop around.
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