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When to Replace Injection Pump?

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91 IDI, F350, 112K Miles, 4x4 Crew Cab, E40D, Banks Turbo/ Exhaust/Transcomand. My truck runs great, starts great. No issues. When should I think about changing out the injection pump? Do they typically fail completely (i.e. at once) or do they give you some sort of warning that they are starting to fail? I want to get my truck ready for another 7K mile round trip to Cancun, Mexico. I don't want it to fail on the road.

Thanks for your input!
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If your IP is old and tired, and you run out of fuel, and you manage to get it started again, then the next thing you should do is go get an IP, and don't let it cool down until you get home either.

Otherwise, echo the last line above.
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