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When you run out of room for gages?

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This ties into my post in finishing up the water pump and repairs I just completed. I wanted to add an aftermarket coolant temperature gage (Bosch) and an aftermarket coolant pressure gage (glow shift max tow)

I measured the lower dash and had just barely enough room for a two gage pod, but it was made to mount upright on top of a dash.

Below:The three existing holes (red arrows were for mounting upright. Then I took a dremel, removed some plastic and JB welded steel clips for mounting it

Bumper Fender Automotive design Automotive exterior Gas

Then painted it grey, not an exact match but closest I could find to my dash.

Automotive tire Gas Bumper Fender Automotive lighting

Below: Added threaded inserts and drilled a hole for the wiring.

Light Automotive tire Automotive lighting Bumper Vehicle door

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Below: I had wired a longer brake controller pigtail onto the truck. I kept the supplied “illumination wire” originally with the brake controller for my two gages and moved the brake controller behind the access plate with the bag hook.

Trunk Bumper Motor vehicle Fixture Gas

Below: Some of the wires had to be hooked up to the coolant pressure gage first, and then the gages attached to the pod. Then the excess wires were taped up and inserted back into the dash

Electrical wiring Gas Cable Auto part Wire

Electrical wiring Automotive design Cable Wire Auto part

Below: The max tow gage was already green with several brightness adjustments for daytime and nigh-time and selection is kept alive by constant 12V power. The Bosch gage used a 363 clear lamp. I found an Ebay seller who sold green 363’s for model trains. The green backlighting was perfect.

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Below: With the gage pod mounted and my new gages👍

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Nice work,
what is in the tray just above the new gauges?

I presume you want the Coolant Pressure to detect the DeGas bottle cap is cracked?
being a newbie to the 7.3L, how does that effect the engine when the pressure gets too low, or at Zero with a bad cap?
@ Big Horn

thanks for the explanation

I noticed on my truck, the temp gauges are just about totally useless... they either read zero or mid-scale and never move after that.

when I installed my CTS-3 it has several temp options available, and I noted one is Oil Temp, I started using that as an indicator of water coolant temp.... until I get a good coolant temp sensor installed.

that will be when I install the coolant filter, the adapter I bought has a 3rd hole for a sensor.

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I have used a phone holder for many years,
it is a long stalk that attaches to the windshield and lays on the dash to support the weight of the phone.

for me, it is ideal.

you can see part of the stalk in this picture, the screen is a close up where I changed Batt Volts to ICP

Automotive design Motor vehicle Gauge Vehicle Speedometer

that stalk telescopes in/out
I have used it in several vehicles, and it accommodates just about any situation.
I am shocked it is still on the market

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I have purchased the GlowShift Fuel Pressure gauge,
that is one of the items that needs to be installed muy pronto.

right now, the back of the truck is up in the air, my son is installing the Fuel Sump kit for me.
I am too slow and clumsy now it seems, I thought I would help out a bit yesterday, and ended up a mess

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It happens. I’ve got hide like a rhino but now with blood thinners I bang up pretty easy. I’d say your doing pretty good— if I remember you’ve got a few years or so on me 😉
80 summers have slid behind me

Lucky to only be taking Losartan and Metformin
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