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Where, Oh Where, has the search feature gone?

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All in all, this is one of the best BBS's going. It's enough to make a fence sitter buy Ford just to have a reason to hang out here!

(ahem) What's happening with the search? It's been a while; does anyone have a prognosis? I've got questions but hesitate to post what's already been asked & answered.

If each registered user will just send $15, we can buy a new PSD for whoever fixes the search feature.

'99 C***y waiting for upgrade to y2k PSD!
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GW, you are so right! I just tried it and the search _is_ working.

Or maybe it's one of those "sometimes" problems where the service tech writes "unable to duplicate problem reported" on your service order.

Nightmare thought: Microsoft convinces Ford to run "Windows" on the PCM.
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